With roots in the jeweler industry for years and common passion for noble metals and gems, Jacob and Thomas Enghave have a solid craftsmanship foundation. Their strong brotherly band and professional pride is not to be mistaken.

Jacob Enghave is a educated goldsmith with Vagn Drachman since 2003. To his companion/journeyman test, he achieved the second highest award, a silver medal, and Her Majesty Queen Margrethe congratulated him. Since then he has worked with and for some of the best until he became independent in 2005. His network of designers and fellow craftsmen is outstanding and they will continue to play a major role as collaborators.

Thomas Enghave is a skilled marketing professional with an impressive background in the music industry. His work with often urban related artists and his passion for gold has proven to be a powerful combination. The urge and the need to stand out, is evident in his influence on the design process, in which every item is twisted and turned until it is perfect.

The two brothers united their skills and put their heart into a jewellery brand. Under the very honest and suiting name brdr. enghave jewellery they created a trademark darling, which offered unique designs, to the delight of those who were to wear it.

Many years of craftsmanship and diligence has led to a further development of the brothers journey. Moromou is their new platform, where great design, quality and passion becomes jewelry made with love.