The humble goldsmith garage of Lau Joakim Ebbesen is located in anonymous surroundings, in a rear building of a Copenhagen backyard. It’s truly more a garage than a regular goldsmith workshop. And it’s without a doubt because Lau is anything but a regular goldsmith.

His grinning face and calm approach makes him instant likable. Hanging out in the skater and graffiti milieu throughout his boyhood and beyond has obviously had an impact on other than his easy-going manner. And a quick look at the shelves in his garage reveals a lot about his inspirational sources. Everything from LEGO minifigures and gum-ball machine rings to ancient African gizmos and military symbols. All side by side as equal.

He’s an educated goldsmith with Vagn Drachman since 2004. But besides a few permanent employments after his exam, he’s been his own master from the very beginning of his career. In 2014 he receive the prestigious Kunsthåndværkerpris Hetsch bronze medal for a skulls and pirates themed jewelry collection.

His crafts has been requested by many throughout the years. Outstanding engineering skills, clever artistry and thorough craftsmanship is some of the qualities that have made hum valued by many returning private customers, music award shows and sports competitions. Though personalized jewelry, prizes, medals and statuettes are among some of his expertise areas, we’re thrilled to have Lau on the design team with a fresh approach to a modern jewelry collection.

750,00 kr.
900,00 kr.
950,00 kr.
1.000,00 kr.
850,00 kr.